Multilingual Dictionary

In a globalized and multilingual entourage, communication and writing skills are a basic need for students and professionals to gain access to the information and knowledge, and to be able to work in an international environment.

These language abilities could potentially be a quite differentiating element. There are many options for this online multilingual Dictionary, and many of them include translation services that are tailored for specific language courses for art professionals

català-english/english-català Diccionari Institut Estudis Catalans Diccionari Enciclopèdia Catalana
deutsch-english/english-deutsch Pons Wörterbuch Leo Wörterbuch
español-english/english-español Diccionario Real Academia Española
nederlands-english/english-nederlands Woordenboek


There are many institutions have bought the Glossary including:

Art Institute of Chicago, USA.
Yale Center for British Art , New Haven, USA
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA.
The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, USA.
Straus Center Conservation, Harvard University , Cambridge, USA.
New York Public Library, New York, USA.
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C, USA.
Centre de conservation du Québec, Québec, Canada.
Canadian Conservation Institute, Ottawa, Canada.
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel.
The British Museum, London, UK.
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK.
Chantry Library, Oxford,UK.
British Library, London, UK.
Museum of Liverpool, London, UK.
Doerner Institut, Munich, Germany.
Kunstbibliothek, Berlin, Germany.
Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
National Art Museum, Oslo, Norway.
Instituut Collectie Nederland, Amsterdam, Holland.
Institut Royal Patrimoine Artistique, Brussels, Belgium.
Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Lisboa, Portugal
Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico, Sevilla, Spain.
Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao, Spain.
Fundació Miró, Barcelona, Spain.
Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.
MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Barcelona, Spain.

Some internet resources about:

About Cultural heritage:

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About Art conservation:

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The Momentous Time You Realize You Need Help With Your Stats

I have been a tutor for years, and things have change a lot: incredible technological and connectivity advances that would have been beyond belief if they would have told me about them 15 years ago. But there are some things that never change: Students get easily lost in their Stats classes.

Time and again. No matter how many gigs of bandwidth they have at the library, majority of them will end up needing help with their Stats.

Things have gotten better in recent years, where students have access to online platforms that allow them to practice over and over, if they are so inclined, until the concepts are learned. Though, in spite of the advent of these computerized aids, students will always be needing that something extra.

The advantage for me as a tutor is that most students are now aware that they can get help with statistics homework online with Stats tutor like me: all we need to have is a good internet connection (which is ubiquitous nowadays) and some technological gadgets, such as scree sharing platforms.

Why Office Hours and the T.A. are Not Enough

Ultimately, students may feel embarrassed to ask questions during the office hours because that may be a dead giveaway that they are lost. Indeed, students have told me that is one of the most powerful reasons why they don’t recourse to their instructors or T.A.’s for help. They feel that they questions they may ask may make them look dumb, which is something no one wants.

Stats have a lots of subtleties in it, and it could be daunting to crunch the numbers (sometimes lots of numbers) if one does not have a clear road map. With a road map, even your Stats homework can be fun, when you know what you’re doing. But reality is that lots of students get lots at the beginning of the class and often times feel ashamed to be in need of looking for help.

External Help Gives you a Confidence Boost

My students tell me that they feel more confident to ask ANY kind of questions to their Stats tutor, regardless if the question may feel silly. Being able to have the freedom to even repeat over and over the same question, until the tutor finds an angle to presents the ideas, an angle that finally makes “click” in the brain of the student, and changes the outlook dramatically.

It is a relief to many that they can find tutors on the internet that can help them with their statistics homework online, without commuting, in their own homes, with the confidence that they can reinforce even the most basic concepts, even the most simple ones, without feeling any kind of embarrassment of thinking “Damn, I should understand this already”.

That is what your tutor can do for you. We all have our own pace, we don’t need to compete with anyone else other than ourselves. Give yourself the chance to learn in style, your own style.

No More Netflix for Today: It is Homework Time

Modern life has brought countless forms of distractions and entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are really positive and have become parts of our daily lives. But there is no denying that a human being is nowadays face more distractions than even in history.

The average person is exposed to something like 1000 commercial messages (ads) per day. The options for entertainment are varied and many of them of great quality and affordable. There is not denying our students don’t have time for the coursework.

Homework help with Stats

My Stats students will always complain that they don’t have enough time, that the assignments are too long, and then you may see them trying to find homework help for their Stats coursework in internet forums or with classmates who will unlikely be able to help.

And all that because they are distracted, because they are thinking about the release of the new season of their favorite series in Netflix or Hulu. Priorities are not always put in the right place.

The Magic of Office Hours

Only few students show up for the office hours. There is this kind of reluctance to ask the instructor about legitimate doubts the students have, but they may feel a bit ashamed to ask, because they deem them to be too basic.

Indeed, the magic is in the basics, in the core, in the understanding of the basic descriptive statistics, in the why we do things. And also, the magic is in the office hours. If students attended to their office hours regularly, a different story would be told. But they are distracted.

Your best sources of Stats help are your instructor and your T.A., and your weaponry are the Math Center and the office hours. Pure magic there. But students require commitment, dedication and tenacity, but that requires concentration, an asset that is a bit scarce nowadays.

Less Orthodox Resources that Can Still Work

I take for granted that majority of students don’t feel comfortable asking too many questions to their instructors, and they will try to find other sources of homework help for statistics, such as private tutors or specialized internet sites. Those options could be valid. In all truth, my ego does not feel hurt if students look for other ways of getting help, that does not include me. Instructors are the villains in this movie. Personally my final goal is for students to learn, so more power to them.

Ultimately, I wish that the educational structures were more flexible so that the T.A. would take a more active role at assisting students with the needs, especially with hard homework questions where students will likely be lost and it would be critical to guide them appropriately.

But again, they will likely not use the traditional sources of help (instructor, T.A., etc) because they do not feel totally comfortable. We need to work hard to get our students comfortable with the resources they have around. Let’s make technology a crucial that yields some other great educational platforms, beyond Netflix and Hulu.